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Advancing Critical Opportunities to the Next Level

Advancing Critical Opportunities to the Next Level

The excitement you create during a meeting, call, or presentation begins to dissipate the moment you leave the meeting. Their next call begins, fires start, competitor meetings unfold, conditions change, decision makers evolve, and priorities shift. What does this mean?

An opportunity that isn’t advancing is slowing dying. There are many factors that cause opportunities to stall or die. These factors include aspects that are within our control and others that are outside of our control. The most common culprits within our control are:

  • Self-inflicted delays in meeting/decision progression that could have been prevented.
  • Narrowly generated interest with a single decision maker, failing to involve and generate interest higher or wider within the organization.

Both problems are a roadblock for opportunity advancement that need to be addressed to accelerate sales. We can’t control the firing of an entire executive team that removes our relationships at the top of the organization. However, we can control the depth and breadth of relationships to minimize the impact the event has on delaying or destroying an opportunity.

Consistently advancing systemically important sales opportunities is a hallmark of top performers. The focus of this program is to advance large opportunities that represent significant growth potential for the business. The broader intent is to make sure sales opportunities are never stalling as a result of something that was within our control

Dynamic and interactive strategies to solve this issue includes:

  • An Opportunity Profile for assessing current status and future options
  • Individual coaching and critical analysis of each opportunity
  • Diagnostic group sessions to further qualify each account action
  • Guiding suggestions and concrete recommendations for next steps
  • Web based sessions for feedback and follow through

Contact our team today to schedule a FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATIVE CALL
around how you can better advance critical opportunities for you and your sales team.

Rob Mosley | Managing Partner

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