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Four Strategies for Developing Healthy Client Relationships – Securing Multiple Relationships

Four Strategies for Developing Healthy Client Relationships – Securing Multiple Relationships

Article by Rob Mosley of Next Level Mastery

Part 2 of 4: Developing Healthy Client Relationships

In our last post on developing healthy client relationships we looked at sharing insight with clients.  To read more about “information beyond the obvious” read Part 1 of 4 in our series “Four Strategies for Developing Healthy Client Relationships”.

In part two, let’s look at securing multiple relationships within the organization.   Ask yourself in each client company “who can help me gain organization insight?”.

Key Strategy #2:  Develop 3×3 Insight

This second strategy is called 3×3 Insight, which refers to your ideally having three different relationships at each of the three levels of the organization. Imagine a pyramid divided into three levels: the top is the executive level, the middle is the management level, and the bottom is the individual project level. Develop real relationships at each of these levels is key to keeping a firm footing inside an organization. Insight allows you to make good decisions and be more strategic with your time.

While there is tremendous power and legitimacy in having relationships at both the human resources and executive levels, don’t count out other individual relationships that can provide you with the organizational insight. No one in an organization has perfect information, but some have better information than others. Once you have information, you can process its implications into insight. Remember from the first strategy, the interested you are in your clients—the more you know about them and can convey that insight—the more interesting you are to them. You may be thinking, “I’m too busy to do this.” Actually, gaining insight is an important time saver.

Developing Healthy Client Relationships Parts 3-4 to follow in the month of August 2015.

The article is derived in part from the thinking of Randall Murphy and the Acclivus Corporation and their curriculum entitled R3 Negotiations customized specifically for the search and staffing industry.  This program is offered in a partnership with Next Level Exchange.

Rob MosleyWritten by: Rob Mosley, Next Level Exchange, Managing Partner, Training and Development

For more information on R3 Negotiations, Executive Search Best Practices, Client Development, Leadership and Management Best Practices workshops Contact Rob Mosley’s Client Service Manager,  Ita Harris,   direct 214.556.8018

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