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Listen! …Did You Hear That? You Will Never Know What You Didn’t Hear.

Listen! …Did You Hear That? You Will Never Know What You Didn’t Hear.

Article by Rob Mosley of Next Level Mastery

Part 2 of 3 Listen Series: How often do you let the other person completely finish a thought?  If you respond in mid-paragraph, you’ve lost valuable information the other side was sharing with you.

Don’t ask the people you work with; ask your spouse or significant other.  Ask your kids and don’t interrupt when they answer you. In the very next conversation you have, make a deal with yourself not to interrupt at all.  You will be amazed at two things:

  • How hard it is, and …
  • How much you will learn.

In his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, author Stephen Covey counted active listening as Habit #5: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”  Experience has shown that understanding is at the foundation of all effective decisions, all winning strategic plans, and all productive collaborations.  Yet significant evidence shows that many of us do not really understand what is going on around us because we do not possess active listening skills.

CommunicationHave you ever found yourself in a situation where you are listening to your spouse or colleagues relate something that is extremely important to them?  While they are speaking, something comes to mind and you cannot wait for them to finish so you can tell your story.

This is the point where you can still hear them, but you are no longer listening.

Written By:  Rob Mosley | Next Level Exchange, Senior Director of Training & Development

Recap of Part 1 of 3: Great Dialogue in our business is the cornerstone of our craft. And great dialogue has four distinct elements; Probing, Listening, Responding, and Alignment. These four elements are like the chambers of the heart; each section or chamber is a unique and critical part of the communication process with both clients and candidates. In this three part series we will focus on one of these critical skills; listening.

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