Acclivus R3 Strategic Sales Presentations®

This course focuses on the skills and techniques necessary to prepare and deliver strategic capabilities and solution presentations to advance the customer’s decision process. Participants focus on their delivery of targeted and impactful messages necessary to inspire customers to take action.

SSP is a performance–based program that provides proven the skills, techniques, and approaches to effectively:

  • Initiate new sales opportunities with existing or prospective customers
  • Position or reposition your value and approach with customers
  • Utilize a proven 10-step process for preparing presentations that involve, inform, and inspire customers to action
  • Develop strategic messages that positively influence the customer’s perception, attitude, and behavior toward your recommendations
  • Open every presentation in a way that sets the desired tone and focus for the presentation
  • Deliver solution presentations that inspire immediate action and differentiate your organization in competitive situations


  • Live In-Person
  • Web Interactive
  • Customized to Your Brand

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