Positioning Your Legitimacy

In a world where communication is often limited to 40 characters , it is more critical than ever to be able to position your value or potential value to clients and candidates in a clear and very concise message. You can often leverage your legitimacy or credibility as the basis for making early recommendations, guiding suggestions or responding to demands and resistance. You and your organization have legitimacy, or credibility, to the extent that your client/candidate respects:

  1.    Your Reputation
  2.    Your Expertise
  3.    Your Policies/Process

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop targeted messages that position your value to a potential prospect early in the relationship.
  • Craft the critical sound bites around your reputation, expertise, and processes that can be leveraged throughout the relationship.
  • Integrate these critical messages into the framework for negotiation or when responding to different types of resistance.
  • Understand how these critical sound bites and positioning statements become the framework for your capabilities presentation.


  • Live In-Person
  • Web Interactive
  • Customized to Your Brand

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