R3 Sales Excellence

Your clients are very busy people. Their jobs require them to make many decisions daily, and frequently with a sense of urgency. From the moment you connect by email, voice mail, or in a live conversation, the clock is running and your prospect is judging….judging whether you act in a professional and competent manner; judging whether or not you open the conversation with confidence and knowledge of this person’s role and of the work being done; and judging as to whether they want to invest time with you in a conversation or move on the tasks and people they deem as more worthy of their time.

These perceptions happen quickly and once a perception is cemented, it is very difficult to change. And while you might judge yourself on your sincere intent with the prospect, they are judging you on your behaviors. And your behaviors are a catalyst for THEIR behaviors toward YOU.

Strategic Relationship Management is about your ability to create and build healthy, valued client relationships….it is about your ability to differentiate yourself with both the IQ and the EQ (Emotional Intelligence) essential for our business. It is the accumulation of the very best practices of relationship consultants and niche specialists in the search and staffing industry.

Upon successful completion of the R3 Sales Excellence workshop, a sales professional should be able to:

  • Prepare for each client meeting by establishing a valuable and measurable objective and strategy for achieving the objective
  • Open the meeting in a way that establishes a positive and productive tone and direction
  • Guide and focus the sales dialogue in a way that strengthens the relationship and implements the meeting strategy
  • Thoroughly qualify each sales opportunity
  • Recommend approaches that influence perceptions and advance the decision process


  • Live In-Person
  • Web Interactive
  • Customized to Your Brand

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