The First 60 Seconds: Opening the Conversation

From the moment you connect by email, voice mail, or in a live conversation, the clock is running and your prospect is judging….judging whether you act in a professional and competent manner; judging whether or not you open the conversation with confidence and knowledge of this person’s role and of the work being done; and judging as to whether they want to invest time with you in a conversation or move on the tasks and people they deem as more worthy of their time.

The purpose of the I-Model for Opening the Conversation is to initiate communication and ultimately a more diagnostic phone conversation or face to face meeting with influencers / decision makers. Through using this approach, you will be able to turn cold calls in to warmer consultative conversations that accelerate relationship development. Additionally, you will stand out from the masses and the sea of sameness in voice mails and emails by better communicating a clear purpose for the conversation.

This dynamic and interactive sales consulting program includes the following:

  • Explore Four Factors in preparing for a conversation: Cause & Effect – Insight – Influence – and Perception
  • Establish the Right Objectives and Strategy for your phone call – email – live conversation
  • Follow the 5 Steps in Opening the Conversation: Introduce – Insight – Inquire – Inspire – Invest
  • Differentiate yourself in your Approach so that you don’t have to differentiate by your Price!


  • Live In-Person
  • Web Interactive
  • Customized to Your Brand

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